Journal of Marine Sciences ›› 2018, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (1): 58-65.DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-909X.2018.01.006

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Split oil identified and vertical migration in sediment of seabed: Case in Dalian Bay

YU Xiao-guo1,2, YANG Hai-li1,2, LIU Xing3, LEI Ji-jiang1,2, LIN Zhong-sheng3, YAO Zi-wei3, ZHANG Wei-yan1,2, YAO Xu-ying1,2, JIN Xiao-bing1,2   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory of Submarine Geosciences,SOA, Hangzhou 310012, China;
    2. Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA,Hangzhou 310012, China;
    3. National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center, Dalian 116023,China
  • Received:2017-07-13 Revised:2017-12-27 Online:2018-03-15 Published:2022-11-21

Abstract: Two core sediment samples collected in the area of 16th July 2010 split oil accident by box crab during April 2013. The biological dispersant were used during the split treatment in heavy pollution area. Site BQ050 and Site BQ007 located in the area where biological dispersant and chemical dispersant were used, respectively. The TOC content, soluble organic content (asphalt A), δ13Corg value and 210Pbex of sediments were analyzed for identifying the contaminated organic matters. The sediments of Site BQ050 have higher organic matter content (TOC: 0.58%~1.51%, mean: 1.15%; asphalt A: 0.061 5%~0.566 4%, mean: 0.174 9%, up to 0.566 4% in depth 10~12 cm), heavier δ13Corg value(-22.2‰~-20.5‰PDB, mean: -21.74‰PDB), and higher asphalt A/TOC ratio (7.0%~34.8%, mean: 14.13%) indicating that the organic matter characterized by exotic. Meanwhile, the δ13Corg values of sediments are similar, which shows the same organic input in the depth from 2 cm to 16 cm. The 210Pbex of sediments has the similar distribution to the asphalt A. The sediments of Site BQ007 have much lower asphalt A content and asphalt A/TOC ratio compared to the sediments of Site BQ050, and the 210Pbex distribution is normal. The content of 210Pbex decreasing with depth shows the logarithmic correlation. The exotic organic matter is low in the Site BQ007. The split oil(characterized by asphalt A)has been migrated to about depth of 16 cm in the Site BQ050 until April 2013.

Key words: split oil accident, sediment, asphalt A, δ13Corg value, 210Pbex

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